Persona 6 Headed to Xbox and Next Switch Console?

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Last Updated on March 28, 2024 by Ashish

Leaked on Tweet

Rumors are swirling that the highly anticipated Persona 6 may be making its way to Xbox and the next Nintendo Switch console, thanks to reports from respected insiders.

@NateTheHate2 discussed in this recording, while @MbKKssTBhz5 did confirm in the tweets response.

Midori Affirms Previous Leaks

As the tweet states, the credible leaker known as Midori has seemingly reaffirmed earlier reports by NateTheHate that Persona 6 is Xbox-bound:

NateTheHatePersona 6 coming to Xbox
MidoriAffirms NateTheHate’s Persona 6 Xbox report

Midori is considered a highly reliable source in the gaming leaks community, leading the tweet’s author to call for elevating them to “Tier 1 leaker” status.

Multiplatform Release Likely

Not only that, but Midori has allegedly added that Persona 6 will also release on the next iteration of the Nintendo Switch hardware. This lines up with Atlus’ recent efforts to bring more Persona games to multiple platforms.

PlatformPersona 6 Release?
Next SwitchYes

If these reports hold true, Persona 6 could be setting itself up for one of the biggest multiplatform launches in the series’ history after previous entries were largely PlayStation-exclusive.

The Wait Continues

Of course, with Persona 6 still unofficial, fans will have to bide their time until Atlus makes an official announcement. But these leaks from credible sources are sure to stoke excitement and speculation over which platforms the game will call home.

Whenever Persona 6 does arrive, it appears the door may be open for Xbox and Nintendo fans to finally experience the unique JRPG stylings of the Persona series on their preferred gaming platforms.

Here is the actual Reddit post with more information.

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