Leaked PlayStation 5 Pro Specs: A Closer Look

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Last Updated on March 28, 2024 by Ashish

PlayStation 5 Pro GPU specs

Following this week’s leaks on the PlayStation 5 Pro GPU specs and performance targets, we’ve learned more about the upcoming console’s specifications. For comparison, we’ll include the specifications of the standard PlayStation 5 alongside the Pro model.

System Memory

Standard PlayStation 5448 GB/s (14 GT/s)
PlayStation 5 Pro576 GB/s (18 GT/s) – A 28% increase

It’s worth noting that the PlayStation 5 Pro’s system memory is reported to be more efficient than the standard console, potentially increasing the bandwidth gain by over 28%.


The CPU is identical to the standard PlayStation 5, but the Pro model has a “High CPU Frequency Mode” that boosts the clock speed to 3.85 GHz – a 10% increase over the standard console.

In this High CPU Frequency Mode, more power is allocated to the CPU, causing the GPU to downclock by around 1.5%, resulting in roughly 1% lower GPU performance.


ConsoleAudio Performance
Standard PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5 ProACV runs at a higher clock speed, resulting in the ACM library having 35% more performance. More convolution reverbs and FFT/IFFT can be processed.

GPU (Previously Revealed)

  • Rendering 45% faster than PS5
  • 2-3x Ray-tracing (x4 in some cases)
  • 33.5 Teraflops
  • PSSR (PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution Upscaling) upscaling/antialiasing solution
  • Support for resolutions up to 8K is planned for future SDK version
  • Custom machine learning architecture
  • AI Accelerator, supporting 300 TOPS of 8-bit computation / 67 TFLOPS of 16-bit floating point
  • 30 WGPs running specialized BVH8 traversal shaders vs 18 WGPs running BVH4 traversal shaders on the standard PlayStation 5

Additional Details

To make the PlayStation 5 Pro as “competitive” as possible, it will have:

  • A detachable disc drive identical to the latest iteration of the standard PlayStation 5
  • 1TB of storage space

Currently, the PlayStation 5 Pro is running on SDK 9.00, and SDK 10.00 is expected in Fall 2024, which is the current targeted release date of the console.

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