Apple Announces More App Distribution Flexibility for EU Developers

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Last Updated on March 17, 2024 by Ashish


Apple is introducing new app distribution options for developers in the European Union (EU), providing more flexibility and alternative ways to distribute apps directly from their own websites.

More Choices for Developers

Under the new policies, developers who have agreed to Apple’s Alternative Terms Addendum for Apps in the EU will have access to the following options:

Alternative App MarketplacesMarketplaces can offer a catalog of apps solely from the marketplace’s developer.
Linking Out for PurchasesWhen directing users to external webpages for digital goods or services transactions, developers can design their own promotions, discounts, and deals. Apple’s design templates are now optional.

Distributing Apps Directly from Websites

The most significant change is the introduction of “Web Distribution,” which will allow authorized developers to distribute their iOS apps directly to EU users from their own websites. This feature, expected to roll out with a software update later this spring, will provide developers with APIs to:

API FunctionalityDescription
App DistributionFacilitate distributing apps from the web
System IntegrationIntegrate apps with system functionality
Backup and RestoreEnable backing up and restoring users’ apps

Developers interested in Web Distribution should visit Apple’s “Getting Ready for Web Distribution in the EU” page for more details on the requirements and setup process.

With these changes, Apple aims to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in the EU and provide developers with more flexibility in how they distribute and monetize their apps within the region.

For more information, refer to this Official Apple Blog Post.

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