Steam Rolls Out New Family Features

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Last Updated on March 28, 2024 by Ashish

Steam’s New Family Features

Steam has launched a new set of features called Steam Families, available through the Steam Beta Client.

Setting Up a Steam Family

Users can now create a Steam Family group and invite up to 5 family members to join. Family management can be done through the Steam client, mobile app, or website.

By joining a family, each member gains access to the following features:

Shared Game Libraries

When you join a family, you get access to all shareable games owned by other family members, and they can access your library too. A combined “family library” will appear in your games list. You still maintain ownership of your purchased games, and new purchases go into your personal library.

While playing shared games, you’ll have your own save data, achievements, workshop access, and more. You can play games from shared libraries even if the owner is playing something else. If multiple copies exist, multiple family members can play simultaneously.

Game developers can opt-out of Family Sharing for their titles at any time. The Steam Store lists currently supported games.

Parental Controls

Parents in a Steam Family can now set controls on what and when their children play games. Monitor activity, restrict access to store/community/chat, set playtime limits, and more – even from your mobile device.

There are two family roles – adults and children. Adults manage invites and restrictions. Children are subject to parental controls set by adults.

Parental control options for adults include:

Game AllowlistOnly allow access to approved games
Access RestrictionsBlock the store, community, chat, etc.
Playtime LimitsSet daily/hourly time limits
Activity MonitoringView playtime reports for children
Request ManagementApprove/deny requests to extend limits
Account RecoveryRegain access to a child’s lost account

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