“Star Wars Outlaws” Earns Mature 19+ Rating in Korea

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Last Updated on March 28, 2024 by Ashish

Star Wars Outlaws

The highly anticipated open-world Star Wars game “Star Wars Outlaws” has been rated 19+ by the Korean rating board, making it the first Star Wars game to receive such a mature rating in the region. The rating was issued on March 21st, 2024.

According to the rating details, there are two key reasons for the 19+ classification:

Realistic simulation of speculative behaviorThe game likely contains mature themes or content depicting activities like gambling or other vices.
In-game betting and dividends mini-gameThere appears to be a mini-game that involves betting and earning dividends or payouts, similar to gambling mechanics.

Many fans speculate that the inclusion of the Sabbac card game, glimpsed in the game’s first trailer, is the primary factor behind this mature rating. Sabbac is a high-stakes card game popular in the Star Wars universe’s seedier establishments.

Here is a related video, you might find useful:

While a 19+ rating is uncommon for a Star Wars game, it signals that “Star Wars Outlaws” may explore grittier and more mature themes fitting for its outlaw protagonist’s journey through the galaxy’s underworld. Fans can expect an open-world adventure that doesn’t shy away from the franchise’s darker elements.

Source: https://www.grac.or.kr/Statistics/GameStatistics.aspx?gameTitle=star%20wars%20outlaws

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