Microsoft Azure Announced General Availability of OpenAI Whisper (2024)

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Last Updated on March 28, 2024 by Ashish


Microsoft has announced the general availability of OpenAI’s Whisper speech-to-text model on Azure. This advanced AI model offers powerful capabilities for transcribing and translating audio data across 57 languages.

Key Features of Whisper on Azure

  • Fast processing time for audio transcription and translation
  • Support for 57 languages
  • Flexible options via Azure OpenAI Service and Azure AI Speech

Use Cases

Since the public preview, customers across healthcare, education, finance, manufacturing, media, agriculture and more are using Whisper for:

Use CaseDescription
Call Center ConversationsTranscribing customer calls for analysis
AccessibilityAdding captions to audio/video content
Data MiningExtracting insights from audio/video data

Deployment Options

Whisper is available via two Azure services, catering to different workload needs:

Azure OpenAI Service

ModelMirrors OpenAI Whisper model
Best ForTime-sensitive, smaller file workloads
APIWhisper REST API in Azure OpenAI Studio

Azure AI Speech

File SizeUp to 1GB per file
Batch ProcessingUp to 1000 files per request
Speaker DiarizationDistinguish between speakers
Model CustomizationFine-tune Whisper with custom data

With Whisper generally available on Azure, enterprises now have a powerful speech AI solution for understanding voice data at scale while benefiting from Azure’s enterprise-grade capabilities.

Getting Started

To start using Whisper:

  • Azure OpenAI Service: Apply for access, create a resource, use from OpenAI Studio
  • Azure AI Speech: Access via Batch Speech-to-Text in Speech Studio

The release of Whisper reinforces Microsoft’s commitment to offering cutting-edge generative AI models to accelerate innovation across industries.

For more information, refer to this Microsoft Azure blog.

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