How the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) Transformed the PGA TOUR’s Digital Fan Experience

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Last Updated on March 28, 2024 by Ashish


The PGA TOUR is passionate about bringing fans closer to the action through immersive digital experiences. To keep up with fan demands, the TOUR redesigned its mobile app and website using AWS native services and a microservices architecture. A key enabler of this transformation was adopting the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK).

Accelerating Development with Infrastructure as Code

The PGA TOUR’s development team leverages the AWS CDK to provision and manage their cloud infrastructure using familiar programming languages like TypeScript. This enabled them to accelerate development cycles.

Benefits of Using AWS CDK

Using the AWS CDK provided several key benefits for the PGA TOUR:

AgilityEasily create and tear down parallel environments for upcoming tournament prep
Faster ReleasesReduced release cycle from bi-weekly to multiple per day in ~7 minutes
Rapid Bug FixesCould identify, fix, test, and release a bug fix in just 42 minutes
IAM SimplificationAutomated granular IAM permissions in a secure way

High level AWS CDK/App Architecture:

Image Source:

Architecture Diagram

Learnings and the Future

While adopting CDK, the PGA TOUR learned the importance of decomposing their applications into right-sized CDK stacks for optimal deployment granularity. Moving forward, they plan to:

  • Reuse stacks across departments to accelerate development
  • Reuse code and patterns across different workloads


The AWS CDK has transformed how the PGA TOUR deploys services and delivers engaging digital experiences to fans. By embracing an infrastructure-as-code approach with a developer-friendly framework, the TOUR was able to accelerate innovation cycles and bring fans closer to the action.

For more information in detail, refer to this AWS blog.

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