Telegram Unveils Exciting New Features for Group Chats

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Last Updated on March 29, 2024 by Ashish

Elevating Group Conversations to New Heights

Telegram has rolled out a series of innovative features that revolutionize group communication, offering a fresh and engaging experience for users. These updates introduce a plethora of functionalities that enhance the way groups interact, from sharing stories to customizing group appearances and unlocking premium features.

Stories for Groups

One of the standout features is the ability for groups to publish stories, creating a dynamic platform for sharing content within the community. Admins can now post stories, sparking interactive discussions as members respond and engage with the group.

Boosts for Groups

Groups can now level up through boosts from members or giveaways, granting access to premium features such as voice-to-text conversion and custom emojis. Higher levels unlock a range of customization options, allowing groups to personalize their profiles with unique wallpapers, emoji statuses, and more.

Telegram Unveils Exciting New Features for Group Chats

Customization Galore

Boosted groups can delve into a realm of customization unique to Telegram. From changing profile cover colors and logos to selecting emoji statuses and wallpapers, groups can tailor their appearance to reflect their identity. The possibilities are endless, with thousands of emoji options available for groups to choose from.

Voice-to-Text Transcription

Members of boosted groups can enjoy seamless voice-to-text transcription for messages shared within the group, enhancing accessibility and convenience in communication. This feature is just the beginning, with promises of more enhancements in future updates.

Premium Perks

Telegram Premium offers an array of benefits for group chats, including custom emoji packs curated by Telegram artists. Admins can select emoji sets for group members to use, fostering a fun and expressive environment within the chat.

Booster Badges and Permissions

Boosters who support groups receive special recognition through Booster Badges that evolve with each boost sent. Admins have the flexibility to grant unique privileges to boosters, enhancing their engagement within the group.

In conclusion, Telegram’s latest update introduces a wealth of features that empower group chats with creativity, interactivity, and personalization. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the upcoming March release!

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