List of Microsoft Events in 2024

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In 2023, Microsoft experienced significant growth and innovation. The focus for this year is on empowering customers and partners through AI transformation. The upcoming events in 2024 aim to provide impactful experiences for attendees, offering opportunities to learn, grow, and connect with experts globally.

Event Enhancements

Enhancements in events include personalized session recommendations by Azure AI-powered assistants, catering to individual needs. Participants can choose to attend events in person, online, or on-demand, ensuring flexibility. The events are designed to support attendees’ goals and deliver a great experience.

List of Microsoft Events in 2024

Microsoft Event Highlights

Microsoft AI Tour

The Microsoft AI Tour features one-day in-person experiences worldwide focusing on AI’s impact on work. These events bring together decision-makers, industry experts, thought leaders and developers to explore how AI will revolutionize work. The tour stops in various locations globally, offering interactive workshops and insights into unlocking the power of AI.


Microsoft Build

Microsoft Build in Seattle provides insights into the latest technology and hands-on experiences with AI. It is a celebration of technology where experts, engineers, and developers gather to hear the latest announcements and engage with new technology.


Microsoft Inspire

Microsoft Inspire has evolved into a digital engagement event in July 2024. It kicks off the fiscal year by providing partners with strategic priorities, investments, and program changes through digital platforms.

Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Ignite, the biggest event of the year, will take place in Chicago in November 2024. It offers IT professionals and leaders access to new technology, deep technical training, networking opportunities, and firsthand experience with AI solutions.


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These events aim to bring together industry leaders, developers, decision-makers, and partners to explore the latest innovations in AI. Whether you are a customer, partner, IT professional, decision-maker, or developer looking to expand your knowledge and connections in the realm of AI, Microsoft’s events offer valuable opportunities for growth and collaboration.

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