Korean Regulators Give Green Light to Upcoming Xbox Development Hardware

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Last Updated on March 28, 2024 by Ashish

A New Xbox Dev Kit Approved in Korea

Microsoft seems to be gearing up for the development of a new Xbox console. The Korean Radio Research Agency, a governing body similar to the FCC in the US, has recently approved a new Xbox dev kit for certification on March 18th, 2024.

The “XDK Console 2089”

According to the certification details, the new dev kit is named “XDK Console 2089”. This suggests that Microsoft is already deep into the development process for its next-generation Xbox console.

Certification Details

Device NameXDK Console
Model Name2089
Certification NumberRR-MSK-2089
Manufacturing CountryChina, Vietnam
Certification Date2024-03-18

While the certification doesn’t reveal any specific details about the console’s specifications or features, it’s an exciting development for Xbox fans eagerly anticipating the next iteration of Microsoft’s gaming hardware.

What’s Next?

With the dev kit now approved, it’s likely that Microsoft will soon begin distributing these units to game developers, allowing them to start optimizing their games for the new console. However, it’s still too early to speculate on a potential release date or pricing for the consumer version of the “XDK Console 2089”.

Stay tuned for more updates as Microsoft begins to unveil more details about its next-generation Xbox console in the coming months.

Official Certificate:


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