Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Sales: A Closer Look

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Last Updated on March 14, 2024 by Ashish

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Sales drop of roughly 91% week-on-week

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has made its mark in Japan, but its sales trajectory has taken an interesting turn. According to the below tweet, the game sold 24,482 copies in its second week on sale in Japan, a staggering 91% drop from its debut week. Let’s delve deeper into these numbers.

Sales Figures

WeekSales (Japan)
Week 1262,656
Week 224,482

Analyzing the Drop

While the initial sales figures of 262,656 copies were undoubtedly impressive, the 91% week-on-week drop raises some eyebrows. It’s worth noting that such a sharp decline in sales is not uncommon for major releases, as a significant portion of the core fan base tends to purchase the game during the launch window.

Japan’s Performance

However, with total sales in Japan now standing at 287,138 copies, it’s clear that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has already secured a substantial foothold in its home market. The question remains: will the game’s sales trajectory stabilize in the coming weeks, or will we witness a more gradual decline?

Global Outlook

It’s important to remember that these figures only represent the Japanese market, and the game’s global performance will ultimately determine its overall success. Final Fantasy is a beloved franchise with a dedicated international following, and its reception in other regions could paint a different picture.


As we await further sales data, it’s evident that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has ignited a significant buzz among fans, both new and old. Whether this initial spark will translate into sustained momentum remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the gaming community will be closely watching the journey of this highly anticipated title.

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