Understanding Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform

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Restaurant Reservation Platform Systems for making restaurant reservations are currently all the rage. These cutting-edge systems are being used by restaurants to help them improve administration and patron service.

Tock and Open-Table are two well-known booking systems that we have thoroughly compared; along with a few other alternatives you might want to take into consideration, to ensure that you are selecting the appropriate one for your restaurant.

With so many alternatives available, it’s critical to know which system best meets the needs and specifications of your business. There isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” method for selecting a reservation system; the ideal option for you will depend on the particular circumstances of your restaurant.

What Is Tock?

Tock is a single platform created to assist restaurants in managing table reservations, food-to-go orders, and event bookings more effectively. You can reach a market of prospective diners, decrease no-shows and vacant tables, and enhance the management of customer relationships thanks to technology.

In order for Tock’s reservation system to work, tables are designated as “unsold tickets.” Instead of making a reservation, clients purchase a ticket or put down a small deposit, and every table is assigned its very own ticket number.

To decrease the number of no diners at your restaurant, utilize table “sales.” People are more likely to show up for their seating if they have to pay in advance. This cutting-edge and distinctive booking method can maximize revenue and boost occupancy in the correct circumstances.

 Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform
Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform

Restaurant Table Reservation

The reservation system offered by Tock is not just for eating bookings. Tock also provides an event-specific reservation platform that manages ticket sales in addition to their booking software.

The software’s event management functions can be used by places like vineyards, breweries, exhibitions, and other hospitality-related organizations. Businesses can offer event and experience tickets through the website or the Tock app, and the booking process for events works similarly to that for reservations.

Last but not least, diners can use Tock’s network to search for outstanding eateries or locations. When you register as a restaurant, you can use this network to advertise to customers in all the main cities, including Chicago and San Francisco.

You can better serve your customers by learning about their eating preferences when a diner makes a reservation at your restaurant.

Why Tock Is So Popular?

Tock’s main selling point is “selling tickets,” but it also emphasizes personalized experiences and events that may be scheduled at cafes. Diners can personalize their choices and buy tickets for experiences.

Building a lasting relationship with customers, according to Tock, is one of the most important factors in the success of such restaurants. Tock gives restaurants the tools they need to do this through a variety of customer-centric characteristics like integrated visitor marketing, thorough guest profiles, and target marketing tools.

 Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform
Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform

Tock might not be an appropriate choice for every restaurant, though, because of its extremely specialized features. The strategy and features of Tock are more geared toward the upscale eating experience, which normal fine dining and casual establishments may not find particularly useful. Being new, Tock’s user base also falls short of that of rivals like Open-Table, who assert to seat 31 million customers monthly.

Story Of Tock

The publicly traded OpenTable and Resy, the New York-based company founded in 2014 by Nick Kokonas and attained last year for unspecified terms by American Express, are just two examples of companies in this sector that have benefited from strong brand recognition. Tock, a six-year-old Chicago-based gourmet reservation service, has never experienced this.

That’s because Tock has secretly supported clients—many of them upscale eateries like French Laundry—by encouraging them to start selling prepay “tickets” for meals years ago. These are comparable to purchasing concert or NBA game tickets in advance, often weeks or even months in advance.

But Tock seems to be expanding its reach. In a conversation with this editor late last month, the platform’s founder Nick Kokonas claimed that $2 million worth of these pre-paid tickets were being processed daily. He maintains that Tock has significantly decreased both food wastage and no-shows by reconsidering the reservation procedure for more upscale establishments. “If you look about it, if you’re going to purchase a seat to the Rose Bowl and attend a game, and unexpectedly your dog gets sick so you have to go to the vet, then do not contact the Rose Bowl & say, “I’m really sorry, I can’t make it tonight,” he stated during our sit-down. I want my money back.

Since then, Tock has announced a deal with Chase. Chase has been a partner of Tock’s for two years, and the two companies have recently expanded their relationship. As a result, Chase Sapphire, Freedom, and link cardholders now have direct exposure to a dining page inside the Chase mobile app, which is powered by Tock and allows cardholders to browse, reserve, and pay for eating at restaurant experiences at eateries, bars, pop-ups, and wineries. (It adds “30 million households at once” to Tock, which claims to have 10 million subscribers, according to Kokonas.) Note: Tock has raised $27.5M till now. 

With that kind of momentum, it’s reasonable to wonder if Tock, which has $17 million in funding from Origin Investments, Valor Equity Partners, and others, would follow Resy’s example and merge with a major credit card company. However, Kokonas, a hyphenate who also shares ownership of a well-known restaurant firm that includes Chicago’s renowned Alinea, implies he’s inclined to continue expanding the company for the time being. He has too many plans for it, such as making Tock into a global Spotify-like service that promotes and personalizes booking experiences for diners.

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Tock Features

Tock is jam-packed with useful tools and features. The program supports restaurant management by assisting with reservations, in-house dining, online ordering, takeaway food delivery, and food pickup.

Platform Website

Tock has a thorough reservation system that makes it simple and quick for customers to reserve seats. Before the conference or dining experience, they can choose certain add-ons, which can help you up-sell and boost your value-add and revenues.

Similar questionnaires are distributed to diners before and after their visits. The knowledge you gain from this will help you comprehend their needs and how to satisfy them more effectively.

The pre-dinner questionnaires also assist patrons in personalizing their experience, enhancing satisfaction, and raising the likelihood of repeat business. 

Customizable Feature

There will never be a need for walk-in visitors to wait for a table. Instead, they could be added to the waitlist that is automatically populated to accommodate any empty seats left over from cancellations or latecomers. You can simplify your floor plans while you’re on the road thanks to the configurable floor plan and real-time modifications.

Tock enables multi-device accessibility so you can utilize the platform wherever you are, whether it’s on your tablet or smartphone, in the kitchen, or from your host stand. Additionally, Tock guarantees constant business flow by consolidating all of your instruments into a single application.

For whom is it appropriate?

Tock is best suited for upscale establishments and elegant dining restaurants. It might be difficult for smaller eateries and informal dining places to encourage patrons to prepay for their reservations. Moreover, several of the platform’s advanced functionalities and offerings might not be fully utilized by such kinds of establishments.

Furthermore, the platform places emphasis on features that facilitate the development of customer relationships. With the ability to access comprehensive guest profiles, marketing tools, and customer segmentation capabilities, Tock proves to be an excellent choice for venues aiming to foster loyalty and ensure repeat patronage.

Tock Products

Tock has two solutions available: a full table management solution and a standalone event-based system that restaurants may use to add their special events to the platform without purchasing the table control system.

Tock has a lot to offer, such products are:

  • Bookings made using a website, gadget, or app
  • Tickets for tours, occasions, and activities
  • When making a reservation, extras like tasting menus and cookbooks
  • Integration of POS
  • CRM and marketing software
  • Operational reporting in detail
  • Integration of Google, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Hotel and booking partner concierge portal
  • Support for contactless eating and takeout

Pricing Of Tock

Table Management 

Tock’s pricing structure consists of two packages and includes a fixed monthly subscription cost in addition to a fee for prepaid reservations.

Plus: $199/month plus a 2% fee on paid reservations.

Pro (everything in Plus with no costs for prepaid reservations): $699 per month plus no fee for prepaid reservations. 

Tock does not impose a per-cover fee for reservations made without payment in advance.


 Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform
Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform

Reservation Pricing

There is no subscription price for Tock’s events-only program, but there are commission and booking fees.

Important: 2.5% for each transaction plus $0.49 per ticket (For one-time, general admission events).

Premium: 3% per transaction plus $0.99 per ticket (for companies who often host events and require reserved seats, special tables, or sophisticated client management).

Tock provides both the Basic and Premium plans if you’re seeking management software that is solely for events. Users will only be required to pay a commission fee and booking charge for each ticket sold under these non-subscription arrangements.

The commission rate for the basic plan is 2.5% and it costs about $0.49 for each reservation. This policy covers special deals for general admission events. For around $0.99 per ticket and a 3% fee on each sale, their Premium plan includes regular events scheduled with a special setup if you require more planning to be effective software.

Why Choose Tock? 

With just one platform, sell more

In a single location, manage bookings, special events, picking, and delivery. Every service earns money thanks to Tick. Additionally, with a flat price and no per-cover fees, your success won’t ever be punished.

Gain more ground using Tock’s Network

With the quickest network in use in 26 countries and 200+ locations, you can put your company in the sights of millions of people. Using Google, Facebook, Instagram, and WineDirect strategically integrate gives you the capabilities to promote to your guests direct and monitor conversions.

 Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform
Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform

Reserve Booking with Tock

A connection to the future

The most recent Tock update has all the resources you require to prosper. This features real-time modifications to your layout and patio, pick and delivery, an enhanced queue, two-way texting, pre-dining questionnaires, and contactless ordering and payments.

Leading the revolution against reservations

It is a driven team of industry experts in hospitality and technology committed to advancing the restaurant sector and assisting every company on our platform. Tock thinks that your company can provide the best hospitality if it has the best technology.

Close-up Photo of Formal Table Setting
Understanding Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform

This includes tools to enhance interaction with leads and customers, the capacity to produce branded documents, a central calendar that makes it simple to review bookings, and more. In addition, there are software solutions available to centralize all of the data and procedures involved in event planning, expediting the entire lifecycle.

Advantages Of Tock

Improved Client Convenience Is A Must

Nothing would please you greater than to make it simple for your clients to take a seat at the table. But nothing is more annoying for them than calling to make a reservation while daydreaming about their favorite dinner only to find that their phone is busy. Most people won’t stay elsewhere since they don’t have the time to keep calling or the tolerance to wait on hold. Online booking, which only needs a few details from customers and a tap to book; helps prevent such a potential loss of income.  

Lessen The Possibility Of Human Error

Normally, staff members occasionally can fail to note down all the information about a telephone reservation they just accepted or record it in the right story or on the wrong day given their busy schedules attending to existing customers. Such errors are no longer a concern with online ordering because consumer reservations are instantly submitted to your restaurant reservation system. If any booking issues arise on the system, administration can even be contacted and these issues can be resolved right away to avoid issues.

Optimized Management 

With a reservation system that is easily accessible and centrally kept, management can anticipate rush hours and staff accordingly at all times to provide top-notch service. It is one of the best strategies to keep clients satisfied and better control operating expenses.

Enhance Cancellation Notices

Online cancellations are a part of online reservations for restaurants. Some patrons find it unsettling to phone a restaurant to cancel a reservation, which causes staff members to be unaware and to turn away clients needlessly. What if, however, canceling a reservation was as 

easy as clicking a link in an SMS reminder? Everyone is satisfied after a few quick taps. The automatic updating of your restaurant’s reservation system informs workers that a table is now open for walk-ins or upcoming reservations.

 Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform
Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform

Gathering Customer Data

When you don’t have a way to collect or store visitor information, it can be tough to reward loyalty or keep customers informed about the latest offerings. Online reservations via Tock offer a useful, non-intrusive way to get this information that benefits both parties. Through a restaurant loyalty program that is fully compatible with the food ordering reservation system, reward loyal patrons.

Disadvantages Of Tock

Limited Functionality:

Primarily serves upscale establishments.

Not Much Suitable For Fine Dining:

High-end restaurants are drawn to Tock’s “ticketing” strategy; however, these elements are frequently inappropriate for a casual fine-dining establishment.

A Bit Costly:

Due to the 2% commission fee, the plus package, despite being reasonably priced at $199, can rack up a sizable bill by the end of the month, and the fee plus pack is priced at a staggering $699.

A Simple Dashboard:

Compared to others, table scheduling and guest profiles are more straightforward and the reservations user network is relatively modest.

Tock Vs Open Table: The Difference

With their respective systems, Tock and OpenTable both offer restaurant bookings and table management solutions, but they do it in very different ways. Let’s examine their differences.

What Is Opentable? 

With over 31 million diners served each month thanks to online reservations, OpenTable, one of the game’s pioneers, has one of the biggest markets of restaurants and eateries worldwide.

Through its cutting-edge table management system, OpenTable seeks to assist restaurants in better managing their patrons, bookings, and tables. They also use their extensive diner network to expand their consumer base.

While OpenTable’s main selling point centers on assisting businesses in attracting as many clients as possible, Tock’s main focus is on making sure no tables are ever left empty. OpenTable has marketed its platform as a promotional strategy for restaurants to obtain the most exposure to potential clients thanks to the vast diner community it has managed to develop over the previous 30 years. 

 Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform
Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform

But using this advertising strategy is not inexpensive. In addition to its monthly subscription price, OpenTable also charges a premium per-cover fee for reservations made through its platforms, which may not always be within your budget.

Restaurants have also resorted to using OpenTable’s “click arbitrage” strategy, in which they purchase search advertisements for restaurant-related keywords that put OpenTable connections at the top of search results. Simply put, OpenTable promotes itself at the top of searches for these restaurants outside of the OpenTable network through sponsored advertisements, increasing the likelihood that organic customers who would have made a direct reservation with the restaurant will use OpenTable instead. Restaurants assert that OpenTable in some ways forces them to repurchase their patrons.

Additionally, the almost 60,000 restaurants in OpenTable’s extensive restaurant network make it challenging for any one restaurant to stand out from the competition and benefit from its vast diner network. The launch of sponsored adverts, where restaurants can purchase prominent search rankings on the platform, simply make it more difficult for eateries with modest marketing resources to compete for customers with expensive eateries.

Despite being a pioneer in the field and providing a feature-rich table management system, OpenTable appears to be losing ground as more recent entrants take over the booking and table management markets.

How Tock And OpenTable Are Different?

You must first think about what each system intends to accomplish to better grasp the differences between these two dining reservation systems.

The main selling point of Tock is that it enables restaurants to increase earnings by packing more customers into available seats. However, bear in mind that there are fewer users. In contrast, OpenTable’s main goal is to assist restaurants in improving their marketing and client base.

Similar to how OpenTable works for both large and small restaurants, Tock is targeted toward rising and luxury eateries! Take your business needs and objectives into account when selecting restaurant booking software.

 Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform
Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform

Restaurant Online Reservation

You require a robust event planning platform to support your reservation system if you intend to organize events or exclusive dining experiences. To organize your event calendar, generate documents, and simplify tasks-related to events, look at Perfect Venue’s event management software. The best part is that Ideal Venue interfaces with Tock and OpenTable, ensuring that you’ll be in good hands with whichever reservation system you choose!

Different Strategies

Fundamentally, but in two distinct ways, both technologies are meant to assist restaurants with better administration and income generation. Tock focuses more on minimizing no-shows for eateries with expensive tables, whereas OpenTable focuses on maximizing client exposure through its extensive diner network. Compared to OpenTable, which serves a larger variety of restaurants, Tock’s “ticketing” strategy for dining tables and events makes it more appropriate for high-end fine-dining establishments.

Differences In Features

Both Tock and OpenTable are robust systems with a range of guest control, shift managerial staff, and reporting functions. For easier operations, both systems also provide POS as well as payment connections. Tock adds extra services like paid tours and booking add-ons to enhance its event booking system.

While OpenTable has features that solely allow for restaurant takeaway, Tock supports contactless dining, delivery, and takeout.

Pricing Difference

Both systems are on the more expensive end of the price spectrum. Tock’s full stack system costs $199, compared to $449 for OpenTable’s. When compared to OpenTable, which charges between $0.25 and $1.5 for covers, Tock does not.

Tock, however, also levies a commission on every pre-paid reservation.

Online Ordering And Delivery

Every restaurant owner must adopt an online meal ordering system as an essential shift if they want to continue operating after a pandemic. Systems for ordering food online are essential to managing sales and maximizing revenue for your company. You can’t take orders by phone today and expect to be pleased with the results. 

Restaurants won’t be able to compete for a very long time if they can’t develop a successful online ordering system. You are already missing out on hundreds of orders every day if you own an eatery and still need to install a food ordering management program. By utilizing current technologies, you not only improve your customers’ lives easier but also ensure their safety.

 Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform
Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform

Online Food Delivery

You require an ordering system that is easy to set up, customizable, user-friendly, capable of achieving your marketing and sales goals, and simplifies your life. 52 percent of Web users in the United States, including 74 percent of millennials, said they would use a tablet or smartphone to order takeout and deliveries if it were possible. 

To keep up with demand, eateries of all sizes must offer services that let customers browse menus, select selections, and pay for takeout or delivery orders online. This post will show you some of the components that your current online buying system might be lacking.

Features that Tock offers thru its online food ordering system: 

Online Payments

People are used to being able to instantly obtain information about commerce, entertainment, and other topics via the internet and social media. Given the extreme convenience and security that online payments offer, it is not surprising that they have grown accustomed to using them and the companies who accept them. For instance, by encouraging social distancing, QR codes assist customers in remaining safe during times of epidemic.

Live Tracking 

Any restaurant’s main concern is the patron experience. Telling your clients how quickly their meals will arrive is one method to increase customer satisfaction. Customers can get real-time location data about the whereabouts of their orders and can simply track delivery drivers.

Focus On Menus

You should update your menu as regularly as you can after putting your online ordering system. Verify that every dish has been replaced with a new one and that all the old ones have been taken away. It will boost your online ordering system’s efficacy and efficiency. Additionally, it will guarantee that customers are drawn to your website and make purchases.

 Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform
Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform

Event Management Through Tock

Restaurant and venue event managers can use the capabilities provided by event management software to plan, carry out, and monitor the success of their events. It enhances venue management and facilitates interactions with event coordinators.

It takes a lot to manage event bookings and give customers a seamless experience. Event management software is made to save time, simplify laborious tasks, offer insightful data, and enhance patrons’ interactions with venues.

There are numerous software options available, and each one provides a slightly different service. The major purpose of these platforms, however, is to offer a dashboard from which you can access key event management and venue administration features.

What Features Does Tock Offer For Event Management? 

When it comes to event management software, there are many different alternatives available. Before selecting a platform, it is crucial to recognize the specific requirements of your company because each solution has different capabilities.

 Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform
Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform

Remember that some systems serve as all-encompassing solutions while others concentrate on just a few specific facets of event management. Here are a few of the most important factors and features to bear in mind if you’re searching for anything that will function across the complete event lifecycle:

Centralized Calendar

Having access to all of your meeting dates and data in a single location is crucial.


Event management solutions frequently include tools and templates for producing expert proposals and papers, such as BeOS. These records can be produced automatically and delivered to clients.

Data Insights

Since event management platforms keep a complete record of all your events and venues, these technologies should be able to produce insightful analytics reports.

Tools For Communication

To keep track of conversations with clients and prospects, features like central email threads and email templates are helpful. Things like email alert updates and notifications can improve this.

 Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform
Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform

Managing Customer Relationships (CRM)

To make it simpler to comprehend your possibilities, nurture leads, and create stronger client relationships, some event planning software contains a CRM.

Online Reservations

Features for accepting online reservations and payments could be included in event tools.


Integrations provide your program extra functionality and let you integrate different systems to produce a more complete software experience.

What Do Users Think Of Tock?

To understand this correctly, it is better to look at some of the amazing reviews about Tock’s user experience. 

  • “I adore how simple this system makes it for me to discover all of the amazing eateries in the area where I reside.”
  • We are quite enthused about its event planning capabilities as well.
  • Additionally, it provides handy supplementary features like the option to buy event tickets simultaneously with a reservation.
  • Tock stands out among other subpar reservation systems as the finest in its class.

According to thousands of users, Tock has excellent customer service. Answer questions quickly, not after hours or days. Excellent development staff that pays close attention to client requirements and produces product features in response to their suggestions.

 Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform
Tock: The Restaurant Reservation Platform


Use an efficient online order system to take care of your clients and lessen the stress on your team. This will make sure that they feel at ease and safe when they select your restaurant. Tock is an online booking platform that integrates a good POS system for tracking orders and is mobile-friendly to provide a positive client experience. 

Whether it is event management or online table reservation, Tock is something that is built to provide you with an easy-to-use single platform. With its amazing and advanced dashboard, it becomes seamless for users to carry out their bookings and reservations.