Online Gifts for Your Employees 😊 (Christmas / New Year 2023)

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Last Updated on January 4, 2023 by Ashish


In this day and age, gifts don’t always have to be something you can touch. In fact,  as a business, boss, or manager, you can reward your employees with fantastic virtual gifts. You will enjoy this if you are on a busy schedule. Especially if do not have the time to go out and ‘find’ gifts for everyone on your team! You might want to win your employees with a few online cloud-related gifts 😊 (be a techie wholeheartedly after all)

And they might even prefer virtual gifts. All you need to do is find out what they are interested in! Spend some time getting to know what they enjoy doing online. Then you can set up the necessary accounts for yourself, and get going!  You can bless your employees with gifts simply with a few clicks of the button. There are plenty of ideas for you to choose from!

The virtual world is playing a bigger role for everyone.  And simply because it isn’t a gift you can physically wrap doesn’t mean it lacks any more value than a physical gift.

Online Gaming Gifts

Online Gifts for Your Employees (Christmas / New Year 2023)
What Better Way To Relax Than  Virtual Fun?

Once employees go home from a long day of work, chances are, many of them switch off and relax through a hobby. Many people have opted for gaming. A digital, fun way of connecting with others, having fun, and ‘mostly’ relaxing. Admittedly, some online games might be a little more stressful. Are your employees gamers?  (Those in the IT and software departments are prone to be. ) If so, you can create an account on Steam, and gift them games for them to enjoy!

Granted, you might have to dig in and do a little more research to find out what they like. The online gaming world is a billion-dollar industry. There are thousands of games to choose from. To find out what categories of games they enjoy, and whether there have been some games on their wishlist. 

They might like first-person shooting games or like the puzzling world of Minecraft. You could even gift them an Xbox game pass subscription — this is where they can download and play as many games as they would like within the subscription. So you can avoid having to dig a little on finding the game that they like. You can simply give them a pass and they can pick and choose as they want.

Ideally, if they already have games on their wishlist,  this is the perfect opportunity to give them personalized gifts for them to enjoy.  It also depends on what is available on your budget, and the relationship you do hold with your employees. So perhaps, this is a good idea for small employee groups.

Online games are genuinely one of the best gifts for gamers in your team.  Especially if it is a game they can spend quite a few hours on, and they have holidays approaching. But perhaps virtual gaming might not be your or their cup of tea, there are plenty of other virtual subscriptions you can choose from.

Movie/Series Subscription Services

Online Gifts for Your Employees (Christmas / New Year)
The majority of People Enjoy a Streaming Service

I have never been as excited about the access I have to my favorite series and movies as I have today. And they offer many services, including the ability to gift subscriptions. However,  if you are simply thinking of Netflix, there is more than just one subscription platform to consider. And putting some thought into this will certainly boost the popularity of your employees.


Online Gifts for Your Employees (Christmas / New Year)
The Most Popular Streaming Service

Now Netflix is generally the go-to for a popular streaming service. Their subscription prices are reasonable and contain popular shows such as Stranger Things,  You,  Enola Holmes and so much more.  They are constantly working on bringing in new movies and exciting shows and are quite a ‘safe choice’ when it comes to gifting a subscription service. 


Disney has their own subscription service now, and if you know of anyone who is either a Marvel, Starwars, or Disney fan itself, then this is a go-to gift. It streams other crime TV shows such as Criminal Minds and Bones.  

And obviously, it streams all the classic Disney movies and series that people have grown up to love and enjoy.

Amazon Prime 

Online Gifts for Your Employees (Christmas / New Year)
Offers its Own Unique Experience

Amazon makes sure not to miss out on the trends, offers its own subscriptions to its exclusive shows (such as Reacher and THe Boys) and also gives access to a wide variety of movies and shows such as Downton Abby and so much more.  Generally matching the same prices as the other subscription choices, it is a unique-go in comparison to the other two choices mentioned above. 


Before Disney+ and Prime, I could always remember Showmax to be the next top competitor to Netflix. They have their own fair share of shows and focus on having a more localized approach.  Shows such as Gossip Girl, The Cleaning Lady,  and Halo — have their own unique shows. 

It’s a good choice especially if your employees already have a Netflix account.

Virtual Gift Card

Online Gifts for Your Employees (Christmas / New Year)
Gift Cards Allow Employees to Choose For Themselves

I remember when I received my first gift card.  I was quite young, but it thrilled me that I can browse in the stores and buy whatever I wanted (limited to the amount on the card of course). And now these gift cards are available on a virtual level. 

Spoil your employees with gift vouchers that they can use and enjoy. 


This should certainly come as no surprise. Amazon is like a giant Walmart filled with a wide variety of goods. It would be impossible not to find something they wouldn’t like. Therefore, giving them a virtual gift card from Amazon will give them the freedom to shop and choose what they would like in their homes. 

Uber Eats

Online Gifts for Your Employees (Christmas / New Year)
Best Way To Sponsor a Meal

Sometimes the best way to treat anyone is through their stomach. Uber Eats is a fantastic way of treating someone to dinner without actually being there.  You don’t have to cook, bake, or stop by the drive-through. A gift card from UberEats will do just the trick and is perfect for anyone who might have a limited budget. 

iTunes Gift Card

Do your employees like music? Then why not opt for something such as a gift card from iTunes?  Where they can permanently purchase songs that they can enjoy in their profile.  It is a pretty unique but safe go-to considering that the majority of the population does like music, and they already have their favorite artists who are probably posting their work on iTunes. 

Book Subscription

Online Gifts for Your Employees (Christmas / New Year)
Reading Has Become More Popular Than Before

The age of reading is far from gone, and people around the globe are still active readers.  If you know your employees are fans of reading and fans of books in general, then you can certainly spoil them on a virtual level through the use of Book subscriptions, kindle books, or audiobooks. The choice is up to you, what you think they would appreciate the most,  and what remains available on your budget.

Kindle Books

Generally, the prices of books on Amazon Kindle are cheap. Varying from $2.99-$9.99 (most books won’t cost more). You can gift your employee a book from their favorite author.  It’s quick, easy, and a more permanent gift in comparison to some of the other options that are available.

However, finding the right kindle book to the gift will certainly take a little more time and might require a little more digging. Perhaps this is a gift that might require you to ask directly. 

Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Around $9.99 a month,  you can gift your employees a kindle unlimited subscription where they can have access to reading as many books as they’d want.  Although this gift involves more of a time frame than a permanent product, any bookworms and readers will enjoy this gift and make as much use of it as possible. 

Kindle Audiobook

Online Gifts for Your Employees (Christmas / New Year)
Listening to a Story Can Be Just As Fun

Another classic choice should be a kindle audiobook subscription. Why? Because sometimes a person’s job or life at home requires them to always be busy with their hands. But listening to audiobooks is a fantastic way to enjoy what they are doing and catch up on some good books.  And audible has around a $7.95 per month subscription plan. 

It’s an easy and affordable gift for anyone who enjoys listening to a good story. 

Other Book Subscriptions

Amazon tends to be the most popular go-to-market when it comes to books and subscriptions. However, there are plenty of other book services and markets out there that you can make use of. So take your time to look through the different virtual choices — especially if you are limited in your budget. 

Virtual Tickets

Online Gifts for Your Employees (Christmas / New Year)
Tickets to Classes or Livestreams Are A Brilliant Idea

Who says education cannot be a gift? Well, in this case, it most certainly can be!  You can easily buy your employees tickets to online classes where they can learn something new. It can either be a gift voucher for a live event that is happening or even a class that has been recorded.

They can work on leveling up their skills in different aspects that truly do matter to them. There are also online websites dedicated to offering courses for you to consider: 


It is often the space that I go to in order to ramp up my skills in whichever way I am going. You can either have a business subscription, or you can gift a course to your employees. All you need is their email address that is linked to their Udemy profile. 

Udemy offers access to thousands of courses offering information on basically every skill you will ever need in life. A tip would be just to read the reviews of the course you want to sponsor as well as what the person already needs to know in order to participate. Otherwise, you might have an awkward moment where the employee does not have the software needed for the course. 

You might just want to ask them what skills they would like to improve before sponsoring a course on Udemy. 


This is more of a monthly subscription where you can gain access to all of their courses. That means they can choose whichever course they would like to work on. Again, this is more of a time-bound course, and you might want to consider gifting more than one month (one month is very short, and the majority of people will not be able to complete a course at that time).  


Another fantastic platform for courses.  It is another subscription platform, and perhaps a little more costly than Skillshare — so it depends on your budget and what skills they would like to learn. 

Software Subscription

Online Gifts for Your Employees (Christmas / New Year)
Some Software Will Make Your Employees Day! 

And this is one that is both a little tricky, but also genius for anyone who understands how costly software can be. In this day and age, in order to get the best software you need to pay for it. Some offer a once-off purchase (general idea) while others offer monthly/yearly subscriptions. 

But if you are aware of an employee in need of software, or constantly having to pay a monthly subscription — then it is an ideal gift that allows them to snip some money off their expenses.

Or treat them with the software they have been eyeing, but have never considered using!  You might want to do some research in regards to the software that your employees would like, but this is one gift that you rarely can go wrong with.

Beauty or Wellness Subscription

Online Gifts for Your Employees (Christmas / New Year)
We All Need a Day To Treat Ourselves

Everyone likes the idea of a spa day, and self-care is something that should be important in every person’s home. This would naturally include your employees.  Allow your team to take some moments just to relax and unwind by subscribing to something as simple as a beauty/wellness subscription box service. 

There are a great many subscription boxes available. You can even find them on Amazon.  Obviously, it would be best to find a subscription box that best fits a person’s needs — and can really boost the team spirit when they are feeling pampered all the way.

Some examples of  Wellness subscription boxes would be Therabox,  Hempa the Explorer, Bath Bevy and so much more. This is a gift that can rarely go wrong. 

You just might want to check if your employees have a skin-sensitive issue to make sure they will be able to use many of the different products offered (those with skin sensitivity often need very defined products and therefore would make the gift a little pointless.) 

Virtual Tea or Coffee Subscription Service 

Online Gifts for Your Employees (Christmas / New Year)
Some People Survive on Coffee and Tea

I did not even know this was available until I stumbled upon it in a video a while back. With so many of us being glued to our desks, most of us are very reliant on our own kitchen supplies to boost us for a good cup of coffee or tea.

So if your employees are working at home, this is an ideal gift to send them. We are all a little too reliant on that coffee or tea to get us through the day, but it certainly makes for the perfect gift. 

The coffee and tea delivery services that are available are one of the perfect ways to try out new brands. And if you want to add a physical gift to the list, you can also mail them a gift package involving a mug, coaster, and even possibly some local cookies. 

Or you could sign up your team members for a snack subscription, as they are also widely available. And if you know that they are not as fond of drinks, then this is the next best choice.  

Virtual Styling Appointments

Some of your employees might have a taste for interior design. And would love to have the opportunity to style their space in the way that they would like to have it. And if you have an employee or member in your team like this, then scheduling a virtual stylist for them would be an outstanding gift.

Virtual Wine Tasting 

Online Gifts for Your Employees (Christmas / New Year)
Spice Up Your Life with Some Good Wine Tasting

Perfect for a team, having a virtual wine-tasting session is a great experience and an online gift.  What you can do is book the whole team for a virtual session that is being led by a wine expert. 

It has fun and in-person elements involved. A lot of corporate businesses tend to follow this route — often as a take-care gift or a live demo.  

Gift of a Mental Health Day

Online Gifts for Your Employees (Christmas / New Year)
Mental Health Should Be Everyone’s Priority

With the level of stress just to get the work done and bills paid skyrocketing, gifting your employees a mental health day would be a true dream come true. For example, WorkTango offers quite a wide variety of gifts that can allow employees to relax and destress a little. 

Again, perfect for a group of people, and in a stressful work environment. Each and every person do wish they can take a day off mentally apart from the general off days (mostly because people do not often take off on their off days). 

And you will certainly be a favorite for this gift.

Holiday Gift Boxes 

Online Gifts for Your Employees (Christmas / New Year)
Let Others Do The Shopping For You

What better way to show your care than to sign up your employees for a holiday-themed care package online?  This is especially relevant if they are going on holiday soon — leaving them with this gift can certainly allow them to look forward to coming back. 

It can also allow your teams to kick off the holiday with style! There are many care packages that are truly loaded up with premium gifts. See if you can fit in a signed card with positive feedback directed toward them.  What better way to make them feel appreciated? 

Can you Buy in Bulk? 

Yes, the majority of the time, you can order virtual gifts for employees in bulk, and should also receive a discount for this very reason. But there are a couple of steps in order to achieve this. 

You can contact a company that specifically specializes in sending digital gifts or e-cards. They are far more likely to have the choices you would like and can organize all the logistics of gathering the gifts and having your employees receive them. 

Another option is to purchase gift cards making use of a restaurant or popular retailers that all your employees will enjoy. You can organize to have it distributed through email or an online system. 

How Much Does an Average Digital Gift for Employees Cost? 

Of course, this largely depends on the virtual gift.  It can cost as little or as much as you would like for it too. A heartfelt written e-card with a personalized message can be completely free. Or you could sign up for a paid subscription for them. All that it will come down is to how much you are willing to spend and what will make them feel valued. 


Online Gifts for Your Employees (Christmas / New Year)
Gifts Can Motivate Your Employees

At the end of the day, a gift is a gift. It does take a certain level of thought in order for it to be appreciated. Otherwise, you might end up giving a gift they never use. And the whole idea of gifts is to boost morale, and motivation and spoil your team for working hard for the business at hand.

So when deciding upon a virtual gift, you might benefit by sending in a couple of questionnaires for your team to answer. Especially if you might not have the time to specifically discuss with each and every one of them to find out what they want. And generally, you might want to shoot for a ‘big package’ — so you might want to find out what everyone, in general, might like. 

And take your time making a choice. Obviously, you will want to choose gifts that everyone likes and also fit within the budget. 

After all, with the coming of the Christmas holidays, the idea of gifts has been on everyone’s minds. Virtual gifts have become just as valuable as any physical gift you can buy in the shops.