List Of Cloud Computing Conferences In the USA (2022) [Updated]

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With the rapid advances in the cloud computing industry, many conferences are being held worldwide for experts, service providers, leaders, and researchers to promote, showcase and share their recent findings with each other.

This blog post acts as a one-stop-center, compiling 15 cloud computing conferences held in the USA in 2022, complete with the details you may need to choose a conference best suited for you. 

What is Cloud Computing?

Device connected to cloud networks

Before cloud computing, data files and programs that we needed to use at different times and places must be stored in a physical device such as your computer hard drive or a simple USB stick. 

Thanks to cloud computing, now you can store and access data files, anytime, anywhere, over the internet. A simple example of cloud storage many people use is Google Drive. 

Cloud Computing in the Industry

Industrial machines connected to the cloud

Due to rapid changes in technology, industries rely more on automated processes to increase output and reduce loss. Automated processes heavily rely on past machine performance data to continually enhance their processes through artificial intelligence and data analytics.

Each machine creates new data every minute of every day and thus, millions of data must be kept somewhere. Physically keeping millions of data files on many physical drives or servers is economically expensive and takes up a lot of space.

Hence, cloud computing provides a place to continually collect large amounts of data while saving costs and taking up no space at all. Also, the cloud can be integrated into the factory’s own system to enhance machine processes.

Applications of Cloud Computing

For people at home or workplace, cloud computing allows us to store data (documents, images, or videos) online and we have access to them at any time and place as long as there is an internet connection. Now, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring your USB anymore. 

Big data analytics is the analysis of data at large volumes, which is becoming increasingly important in the industry. These large volumes of data cannot be stored in physical servers because that would be too expensive and also have negative impacts on the environment.

Thankfully, cloud storage is unlimited so businesses and factories can store large volumes of data and have easy access to it at any time for analysis.  

Other than personal use at home and large-scale usage in industries, the education sector also benefits from cloud computing. With the cloud, teachers can provide students with interactive online classrooms, keep the students and teachers up-to-date with the latest school work, and provide easy accessibility. 

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Below are the benefits of cloud computing:

  • Reduced hardware cost. Users only need to purchase the cloud service and the cloud provider will handle all the hardware aspects.
  • Users do not need to worry about maintenance as this is handled by the cloud provider.
  • Users can access data anytime, anywhere
  • Users can choose and purchase data storage capacity as needed
  • Easier collaboration between parties at different locations
  • Regular cloud updates from the cloud provider for up-to-date cloud technology
  • Provide more opportunities for remote work

Different Types Of Cloud Computing

There are three types of cloud computing service models – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). 


Iaas is a subscription basis where customers can configure the computing infrastructure through the internet. The cloud service providers provide, manage and maintain the cloud hardware whereas the customers use the hardware through the internet on a pay-as-you-go basis.


PaaS provides a cloud platform for customers to develop and manage their own applications. The provider manages the hardware and software side of things such as servers, operating systems, storage, security, upgrades, and backups. In contrast, the user uses these provided platforms through the internet to create their applications.


Saas is a service that provides application software over the cloud. Users pay an annual or monthly fee to use this complete application which was created and managed by the cloud provider using the provider’s own infrastructure. The cloud provider must manage all software updates and ensure good performance and security.

Why you should join cloud conferences?

Be up-to-date with emerging cloud technology

Stay updated with the latest news

With the technological advances that we have today, cloud computing is always advancing and it is advancing rapidly. You should be up-to-date with the latest cloud technology to keep up with the trend and one guaranteed way to obtain the latest information on cloud technology is by attending conferences.

Conferences are places where people share their latest cloud computing technology inventions, innovations, and ideas with the participants. You can directly ask questions about the latest technology or share your own ideas with like-minded people. 

Meet new people and build new connections

Making new connections

At conferences, you can meet many people with the same interest as you in cloud computing, all in one place. These people come from all across the world, coming together to share and learn.

This is your opportunity to make new acquaintances and build larger and stronger connections. You want to be a part of the cloud computing community to expand your knowledge and you can do that by joining cloud conferences.  

Present your own novel ideas 

A conference is a place for you to share your findings and ideas. Sharing your findings with other people will boost cloud computing technological advancement as it inspires ideas in other people as well.

Not only that, you will also be more recognized in the cloud computing community for your innovations and solidify your spot in the community. The only way for cloud computing technology to keep advancing is for everyone to share their research, ideas, and innovation.

A proper way to do that is through cloud computing conferences

Inspire people and be inspired

At a conference, you will feel a sense of belonging and great inspiration. Experts sharing their experience, knowledge, and innovations will definitely inspire you to keep finding solutions to problems faced in cloud computing.

You can also be the source of inspiration to guests that are still new to the field. Inspiring other people and being inspired will boost your morale and reinvigorate you to do better and try harder. It is unquestionable that you can garner this strong passion through conferences. 

More Benefits of joining cloud conferences

Interact directly with experts

Direct discussions with experts

A conference is an event where experts from different parts of the world come together to share their latest research and technology. Researchers, innovators, and scholars are some examples of experts present at conferences.

Guests can have a face-to-face conversation with these experts and they are eager to answer your questions and provide you with new knowledge on cloud computing technology. It is not easy to gather experts from different countries in one place but it can happen at a conference. 

Boost Confidence In Your Area Of Expertise

Feel confident with your ideas

You can also join a cloud conference as a presenter. You will gain the opportunity to present your research results or latest product to hundreds of participants. Constantly discussing your work with conference participants will definitely boost your confidence in your area of expertise. The numerous new knowledge you gain from your new connections will also increase your self-esteem.

Enhance your soft-skills

Learn new soft skills

Presenting in front of a crowd or talking about your work to hundreds of people will undoubtedly enhance your presentation and interpersonal skills. Soft skills can only be enhanced when you are practicing.

Hence, a conference is a great place to practice and sharpen your soft skills as it forces you to interact with the participants that are eager to know more about your work.  

Attract New Clients 

Make new clients

Other than meeting experts, a conference is a place where you can showcase your products and attract new clients. Other than conferences being a place of sharing knowledge, it also gives you the opportunity to promote your latest cloud technology product to the participants.

Many customers visit these conferences to get their hands on the latest cloud technology and keep up with the trends. So, if you have a cloud computing technology that you are wanting to sell, a conference is a place where you can meet many interested customers.

You will be able to attract clients not just from the USA but from other parts of the world as well. Hence, you are able to expand your business globally by promoting your products at a conference. 

List of cloud conferences in the USA, 2022


Devopsdays Washington, D.C. Logo

What To Expect?

A two-day event of learning, sharing, and connecting with the speakers and attendees. Other than that, you will receive a DevOpsDays DC 2022 t-shirt and stickers, a badge, a copy of the new book from IT Revolution, food and beverages, and merchandise from the event’s sponsors. 

There will be a number of speakers talking on various topics on leadership, DevOps, microservice architectures, CQRS, and more. 

Cost :

Participation TypeFees
General Admission$ 250
10 friends$ 150
5 friends$ 175
U.S government officialFree

International Conference on Advances in Green Cloud Computing Systems ICAGCCS

  • Location: New York, United States
  • Date: 6 October 2022 – 7 October 2022
  • Official website:

Who to expect? 

This conference’s aim is to bring academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars to share their research experience and results on all aspects of Advances in Green Cloud Computing systems.

What to expect? 

Research contributions include aspects of the following topics :

  • Green cloud computing and communication,
  • Green computing models,
  • Simulations, Designs,
  • Algorithms, paradigms,
  • Efficient virtualization, and consolidation,
  • Security and privacy in the cloud,
  • Next-generation green cloud computing services and applications,
  • New energy-aware routing and switching devices,
  • Optimization of green networks,
  • Energy efficiency in networks,
  • Future of green networks,
  • Performance evaluation and modeling of green networks,
  • Green smart grid,
  • Trade-offs between performance,
  • Energy and other resources in cloud data centers,
  • Resource efficiency,
  • Architecture, protocols for improving energy efficiency in fixed networks,
  • Green Fixed network planning and optimization,
  • Green ICT and Clouds theory practice and experience,
  • Non-energy relevant green issues and approaches,
  • Energy harvesting techniques and strategies,
  • QoS improvement techniques, and
  • Cloud security, privacy, and compliance challenges. 

Cost :

Participation TypeFees
Non-student oral/poster presenter € 450
Student oral/poster presenter€ 350
Listener€ 250
Additional paper publication€ 100

International Conference on Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing ICSPCC

  • Location: San Francisco, United States 
  • Date : 3 November 2022 – 4 November 2022
  • Official website:

Who to expect? 

This conference’s aim is to bring academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars to share their research experience and results on all aspects of Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing

What to expect? 

Research contributions include topics such as :

  • Cloud computing security,
  • Secure cloud resource virtualization,
  • secure data management outsourcing,
  • practical privacy and integrity mechanism for outsourcing,
  • cloud-centric threat models secure outsourced computation,
  • remote attestation mechanisms in clouds,
  • sandboxing and VM-based enforcement,
  • trust and policy management in clouds,
  • secure identity management mechanisms,
  • cloud-aware web service security paradigms and mechanisms,
  • cloud-centric regulatory compliance issues and mechanisms,
  • business and security risk models for clouds,
  • cost and usability models and their interaction with cloud security,
  • scalability of secure clouds,
  • trusted computing technology and clouds,
  • analysis of software for remote attestation and cloud protection,
  • network security mechanisms for clouds,
  • security and privacy for cloud programming models,
  • privacy-enhancing machine-learning in clouds,
  • secure and privacy-protecting IoT clouds,
  • accountable data analytics for clouds.

Cost :

Participation Type Fees
Non-student oral/poster presenter € 450
Student oral/poster presenter€ 350
Listener€ 250
Additional paper publication€ 100

International Conference on Advances in Cloud and Utility Computing ICACUC

  • Location: San Francisco, United States 
  • Date : 3 November 2022 – 4 November 2022
  • Official website:

Who to expect? 

This conference’s aim is to bring academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars to share their research experience and results on all aspects of Advances in Cloud and Utility Computing

What to expect? 

Research contributions are enclosing aspects of:

  • Principles and theoretical foundations of utility computing, including pricing and service models
  • Policy languages and programming models, such as cloud-native and cloud-enabled applications
  • Utility-driven models and mechanisms for cloud federations
  • Autonomic techniques for cloud applications
  • Utility-/comfort-driven platforms for clouds
  • Architectural models to achieve utility in clouds 
  • Designs and deployment models for clouds: private, public, hybrid, federated, aggregated
  • Cloud computing middleware, stacks, tools, delivery networks, and services at all layers
  • Integration of cloud systems with edge devices
  • Virtualization technologies and other enablers
  • Economic models and scenarios of use
  • Scalability and resource management: brokering, scheduling, capacity planning, parallelism, and elasticity, as well as marketplaces
  • Cloud management: autonomic, adaptive, self-*, SLAs, performance models, and monitoring
  • Applications: games, social networks, scientific computing, and business, as well as large-scale foundations for big data and analytics
  • Mobile and energy-efficient use of clouds
  • Cloud business and legal implications beyond technology, such as government regulation, security, privacy, trust, and jurisdiction especially in utility
  • Computing contexts 
  • Hands-on activities, tutorials, and instructional sessions on new technologies and methods


Participation TypeFees
Non-student oral/poster presenter € 450
Student oral/poster presenter€ 350
Listener€ 250
Additional paper publication€ 100

Google Cloud Next ‘22

Google Cloud Next ‘22

Who to expect? 

Featured speakers by Google’s key executives, Google partners, Google’s customers, and numerous breakout speakers. The list of speakers can be found here 

What to expect? 

During this event, participants will:

  • Learn how to build, architect, deploy and maintain applications  effortlessly on Google Cloud 
  • Learn how to model your data and optimize business insights using the power of analytics, AI, and machine  learning
  • Explore tools for developing, deploying, and managing data-driven applications at scale to solve real-world  problems 
  • Discover how to make your cloud modernization easy
  • Learn how to leverage Google Cloud to test, monitor, and deploy code easily and quickly
  • Learn how to defend against emerging threats
  • Keep up with the transition to hybrid work
  • Listen to stories on managing large transformative projects and more

Who should join? 

  • Application developers
  • Data scientists and data analysts
  • Data engineers
  • Enterprise architects and developers
  • DevOps and system administrators
  • Security professionals
  • Business leaders 
  • IT administrators
  • Executives
  • Technology business leaders

Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo

Gartner IT Symposium | Xpo Logo
  • Location: Orlando, Florida, United States
  • Date: 17 October 2022 – 20 October 2022
  • Official website: 

Who to expect? 

Numerous speakers and experts are invited to speak on various topics. This year there are 14 core technology and business topics. The list of speakers can be found here  

What to expect? 

There are 14 core technology and business topics that will be discussed during the conference which are :

  • Architecture, platforms, and software engineering
  • Data, analytics, and AI
  • Cloud, infrastructure, and operations
  • Customer and citizen experience, cybersecurity, and risk management
  • Digital business acceleration
  • Executive leadership
  • IT investment and value
  • Future of work
  • Innovation and disruption
  • Operating models
  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Sustainable business and ESG
  • Talent, culture, and DEI

Who should join?

  • CIOs
  • IT executives

Cost :

Participation TypePrice
Standard $ 6,675
Public sector $ 4,975

Oracle CloudWorld

Oracle CloudWorld Logo
  • Location: Caesars Forum and The Venetian, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
  • Date: 17 October 2022 – 20 October 2022
  • Official website:

Who to expect? 

Oracle presents many speakers which include the main stage keynote speakers from Oracle’s key executives as well as a chief digital and IT officer from Scott Petty. There will also be a panel of 12 solution keynote speakers at this conference. The detailed list of speakers can be found here 

What to expect?

Many experts, leaders, partners, and customers from cloud infrastructure, databases, and applications are providing first-look access to product demonstrations and hands-on training at CloudWorld. The contents of the conference are :

  • Oracle Cloud infrastructure
  • Oracle database
  • Developer Technologies
  • JavaOne 
  • MySQL summit
  • Cloud applications in finance, human resources, supply chain, marketing, sales, and service

Who should join? 

  • Developers
  • Technical leaders
  • Business professionals


Participation TypePrice
General Saver rate until 2 October: $1,899 Standard rate from 3 October – 20 October: $1,999
Public sector $1,599
Group pass For purchase of five or more General passes$1,799

The AI Summit

The AI Summit Logo
  • Location: Austin Convention Center, United States
  • Date: 2 November 2022 – 3 November 2022
  • Official website:

Who to expect? 

The AI Summit invited many speakers from different countries, companies, and positions. The detailed list of speakers can be found here 

What to expect?

In summary, the summit will present the headliners of digital transformation, 11 sector-specific applications, an expo of cutting-edge tech brands, analyst breakfast briefings with the Media analyst team, and a wrap party.

The invited speakers will be covering the topics of 

  • • Next generation connectivity: 5G and Wireless
  • • Quantum computing summit – keynotes
  • • Quantum computing summit – readiness
  • • Quantum computing summit – innovation
  • • Next generation connectivity: edge and cloud
  • • Embedded IoT
  • • Energy and resource production
  • • Industrial IoT
  • • Smart cities and environments
  • • Computer vision
  • • NLP
  • • POC to production
  • • Scaling AI
  • • Headliners
  • • Networking sessions 
  • Who should join : 
  • • Developers
  • • Technical leaders
  • • Business professionals

Cost :

Participation TypePrice
All Access$1,999

IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing (UCC)

Who to expect? 

Three keynote speakers will be present at UCC. The keynote speakers are Michela Taufer ( ) from Tickel College of Engineering, Tania Lorido Botran from Roblox, and Weisong Shi from Wayne State University.

What to expect? 

The UCC is a conference for areas relating to Cloud Computing as a Utility and provides an international forum for researchers and practitioners in the field. UCC offers a technical program, workshops, tutorials, doctoral symposiums, and cloud challenges.

There will also be poster presentations on the following topics

  • Cloud computing and application architectures
  • Cloud technologies including virtual machines, containers, and functions
  • Programmable infrastructure and deployment models in cloud environments
  • Cloud performance, security, and energy efficiency aspects
  • Operations and management of clouds
  • Big Data Science
  • Big Data infrastructures and platforms, applications, trends, and challenges
  • Visualization of Big Data

Who should join?

  • Researchers
  • Practitioners
  • Research Scholars

DeveloperWeek Cloud

DeveloperWeek Cloud Logo

Who to expect? 

This premier international cloud computing conference is joined by 3,500+ cloud engineers and developers, IT managers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. The list of speakers from different companies and industries is extensive and details can be found here 

What to expect? 

The DeveloperWeek Cloud conference provides expos, workshops, hackathons, hiring expos, and live conferences. There are a few tracks under DeveloperWeek Cloud which are :

  • DevOps summit
  • DevExec & DevLead
  • Future of Cloud-Native computing
  • Artificial intelligence & ML in the cloud
  • Microservices architecture & deployment
  • Containers and Kubernetes lifecycle
  • Full stack cloud security
  • Cloud innovation
  • Edge computing 
  • .NET enterprise developer days hosted by AWS

Who should join? 

  • Technical leaders and managers
  • CTO directors
  • Developers
  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Researchers
  • Research Scholars
  • Developers
  • IT professionals

Cost : 

Pass TypePrice
OPEN pass$150
Pro pass$795
Premium pass$1,295


  • Location: New York, United States
  • Date: 18 October 2022 – 19 October 2022
  • Official website:

Who to expect? 

DASH is a popular event where Datadog customers, product experts, executives, and partners gather to learn more and talk about building and scaling next-generation applications, infrastructure, and security. There are currently nine speakers confirmed to present at the DASH conference but the list will be updated with additional speakers from time to time. The detailed list of speakers can be found here  

What to expect?

During this conference, there will be keynotes and multi-track technical sessions, hands-on workshops with industry experts, networking opportunities, and an expo hall on the latest technologies from service providers.

The DASH conference is covering five themes which are applications performance, scaling systems, building teams, first-hand transformations and case studies advice, and security and compliance. 

Who should join? 

  • Technical leaders and managers
  • CTO directors
  • Developers
  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Researchers
  • Research Scholars
  • Developers
  • IT professionals
  • Startup Founders

Cost : 

Type of DatePrice
Regular | 10 September – 9 October$799
Final days | 10 October – 16 October$1,099
Last minute | 17 October – 19 October$1,599

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Logo

Who to expect? 

This conference is a flagship conference where adopters and technologists from open-source and cloud-native communities come together. There are many cloud computing communities joining this conference, some of them are listed below :

  • Containerd
  • CoreDNS
  • Envoy
  • Etcd
  • Fluentd
  • Harbor
  • Helm
  • Jaeger
  • Kubernetes
  • Linkerd
  • Open Policy Agent
  • Prometheus
  • Rook
  • TiKV
  • TUF
  • Vitess
  • Argo
  • Backstage
  • Buildpacks
  • Chaos Mesh
  • Cilium
  • CloudEvents
  • CNI
  • Contour
  • Cortex
  • CRI-O
  • Crossplane
  • CubeFS
  • Dapr
  • Dragonfly
  • Emissary Ingress
  • Falco
  • Flagger
  • Flux
  • gRPC
  • Hubble
  • in-toto
  • KEDA
  • Keptn
  • Knative
  • KubeEdge
  • KubeVirt
  • Kyverno
  • Litmus
  • Longhorn
  • NATS
  • Notary
  • OpenMetrics
  • OpenTelemetry
  • Operator Framework 
  • Tetragon
  • Thanos
  • Volcano

What to expect? 

This five-day event includes pre-vent programming sessions, keynotes, breakout sessions, sponsor showcases and booths, an all-attendee party, and a solutions showcase. 

Who should join? 

  • Application developers
  • IT operations
  • Technical management
  • Executive leadership
  • Product managers and product marketing
  • End-users
  • Service providers
  • CNCF contributors
  • Anyone that wants to learn more about Cloud Native 

Cost : 

Type Price
Corporate $1,550 – $1,750
$700 – $800
$150 – $150

The Modern Software Delivery Conference

The Modern Software Delivery Conference

Who to expect? 

This conference invited 13 speakers from different IT companies and positions. The detailed list of speakers can be found here 

What to expect?

This conference will begin with keynotes followed by two tracks which are: DevOps practitioners and Technology leaders. The event will start with a keynote from Harness CEO and then followed by a CNCF keynote, leadership panel, modern SDLC sessions, CI/CD sessions, and hallway sessions. 

Who should join? 

  • DevOps practitioners
  • Managers
  • Technology leaders

Arm DevSummit 2022

Arm DevSummit Logo

Who to expect?

Arm DevSummit invited leaders, ARM partners, engineers, and developers. There are currently 132 speakers so far and more speakers will be invited and added to the list from time to time. The detailed speaker information can be found here 

What to expect?

At this summit, there will be 18 workshops, 24 masterclasses, and 80+ additional online technical talks. This summit is an opportunity for you to share ideas, learn new skills, and connect with Arm’s global community with the agenda covering the latest and in-depth software development topics for anyone developing on Arm. The session tracks are:

  • IoT DevOps/Virtual Hardware
  • Cloud and 5G infrastructure
  • Gaming
  • Windows on Arm
  • Mobile device technology
  • Autonomous and software-defined vehicles 

Who should join?

  • DevOps practitioners
  • IT developers
  • Engineers
  • Anybody with interest in the track topics

Cost : 

Type Price
Full access pass$550

International Workshop on Cloud, IoT, and Fog Systems (and Security)

Who to expect? 

This workshop invites researchers and innovators working on cloud architectures around the IoT and cyber-physical systems. In 2022, due to increasing complexity and huge scale of things-to-cloud usage, this workshop is putting its focus on cloud-native security and resilience.

What to expect?

At this workshop, researchers and innovators are invited to submit research papers and industry reports on the following topics:

  • IoT-fog-cloud pipelines, architectures, and continuums in various domains, from industrial deployments to smart cities
  • Smartness, adaptivity, fluidity, and dynamicity for processing sensed data
  • Computing paradigms: multi-cloud, fog, serverless, osmotic, continuum computing
  • Applications in digitalized health care, ecology, agriculture, urban planning, and other fields
  • Secure cloud/fog computing concepts (homomorphic encryption, enclaves, hardware security modules, stealth computing, coded computing among others)
  • Long-term distributed messaging and data storage security and proof-of-ownership/provision/retrievability
  • End-to-end reliability and security concepts across IoT-fog-cloud continuums
  • Physical and digital security of IoT deployments, smart meters, and other end devices
  • Privacy, scalability, and economic considerations as well as trade-offs
  • Cross-border, cross-provider, and cross-stack security issues
  • Human factors: simplicity and controllability of complex CPS and CPSoS
  • Security, identity management, and multi-tenancy in clouds and continuums

Who should join?

  • Researchers
  • Research Scholars
  • Cloud developers
  • IT developers
  • Engineers
  • Practitioners  



Cloud computing is becoming more essential in our daily lives but there is still room for improvement. The best place to understand and learn more about cloud computing is at conferences where you can speak directly to experts, researchers, and cloud service providers.

If you have original ideas, research, or products, cloud conferences are the best place to share them with the world. By the end of the conference, you would have created new connections, exchanged ideas, and enhanced your skills. 

In this blog post, we have listed 15 conferences in the USA happening in the final quarter of 2022. Please leave a comment in the section below if you have other cloud computing references in mind that we might have missed.

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